Tuesday, January 15, 2008

things ...

some very random things on my mind today:

  1. I found another great new blog, and she has an AMAZING STAMP ROOM -- so go check out Tami's bcre8tuv blog.

  2. Inkadinkado is an AWESOME stamp company! I purchased 3 sets of clear alpha stamps recently and they are all so stuck to the backing I can't get them off. Now, here is the awesome part: I emailed the company today at 9:13 am informing them of the problem. At 9:15 am -- two minutes later -- they emailed me back and said I would receive replacement stamps in 7 days! How's that for customer service?

  3. Debbie Olsen ROCKS! If you don't believe me, go check out her last 2 blog posts. I'm over the moon with her projects.

  4. I've been playing with my blog. I now have an official web address: http://www.stampinsusan.com/. There is a transition period, so you may have to continue using the blogspot address for a day or so ... but it was working last night! woot. I hope to add more stuffz to my blog to make it even more fun! {ok, so maybe fun is not quite the right description for my blog ... whatever!}

  5. Google offers a calendar to embed on blogs. Ok. Great. But how do I get it to show my stamp dates instead of just reading busy? help.

  6. FedEx is delivering my CLUB SCRAP special order From the Heart kit - complete with coordinated unmounted stamps - today!!! I can't wait to look at it, smell it, rummage through it ... I hope I am home when it comes!

  7. I love my new clear stamp storage system from Store More Stamps. I am going to photograph it and show you how it works. Soon. promise. cross my heart.

  8. Ugh. We have to drive 35 minutes to the orthodontist today. Then I have to go in to work at 5 pm. Long day ahead ... with no stamping in sight!

  9. My best bud is getting out today for a Dr. visit so I hope she has time to drop in a store and let me shop vicariously through her! sad, huh?

  10. I need a new 2008 kitchen calendar. Maybe I can find one while we're out today.
  11. Hey - what's for dinner?

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back to post a picture next time!!

happy {non}stampin' day



Kathy W said...

I love Debbie Olson's blog, too. It seems like "what's for dinner?" is always on my mind, lol. Tonight I think it is a veggie night with squash, green salad, and scalloped potatoes.

Cheryl said...

Got my Club Scrap special yesterday and can't wait until the 31st to put it all together.

grandmajoan said...

did you get your club scrap stuff? jealous me!