Saturday, January 12, 2008

no blogie

I've been absent this week and my blog has been silent. My husband's mother, Sylvia, has been hospitalized so all our energy has gone into being at the hospital and keeping family members informed. I am happy to say that she is doing better, although still in the critical care unit. She scared us more than once this week, but I am encouraged that she is improving. Thank you for all the prayers. Keep them coming! I am convinced that the prayers sent up on her behalf are the reason she is doing better.

I had to postpone the Catalog Release Party. I am looking at rescheduling for Friday, Janary 25 -- when I can confirm that is a good date I will send everyone on my email list the information.

Of course, I haven't had time to be creative this week with everything else happening, so I have nothing to share with you today. Maybe I'll get cracking on a new project soon ... until then, I thought I could share a few fun sites for you to browse if you have a few spare minutes.

This is a great scrapbooking article about finding inspiration from book covers -- I think it could translate to cards as well: Inspired by Book Covers

Big Picture Scrapbooking is hosting a free book club during 2008. Each month there will be discussions about the current book. I was so excited to see this opportunity! I love a good book and fortunately for me, the January book, A Thousand Splendid Suns, is one I just finished so I'm ahead of the game for a change, lol!! Sign up here: Big Picture Reading Room

Big Picture also offers the following free classes or projects:
January Layout a Day Class
Kid Perspective
All About Me mini book
People, Places & Things

Oh - I almost forgot about BLOG CANDY!!! How could I forget something so important? Well, anyway ... I am giving away two 6 month subscriptions to Creating Keepsakes magazine ... I got them free w/ a purchase, but already subscribe, so why not give it away, right? So, here is how it goes, I will pick 2 names randomly from the comments left on this posting ... this one ... if you post elsewhere, I can't track it down. So make sure you post in the right place. When you post you must tell me your best organization tip for keeping all your craft stuff neat and orderly. That way I can take your best ideas and use them to clean up and organize my space!!! Ok, and one more rule ... no tips that say "put things back where they belong" ... if I did that I wouldn't have a problem, now would I??? I'll pick the winner on Wednesday. Oh yes, to be sure that I can reach you either sign in or leave an email address in the post. TIA!

Take care and hug someone today!

happy stampin'


joan said...

Ok, my bestest idea for organization is to have your bestest friend first come over and get your rom organized and then you keep it that way!!! I like the idea of having all my glue, etc in one drawer.

Cheryl said...

Susan, glad that your MIL is improving in health.

My tip is for storing punches which I have an abundance of. I use those 3 drawer plastic containers that I got at WalMart (have many of them) and punched out each of my punches at tapped the punch to the front of the drawer. Making sure that I keep that punch in that drawer. It makes it much easier to see what I have and where it is. I actually have six drawers of punches and really need more ;0)

Jane said...

I have iris carts and have one drawer for adhesives, one for small punches, one for large punches, etc. I also use rain gutter to store my rolls of ribbon. I tried doing some of the ribbon boxes but hated them. With the rain gutter I can grab only the roll I'm interested in.

troopersma on SCS

Cathy M said...

This is a good question. I would say to buy extra storage binds, cuz it seems like when you find a place for everything and it looks so nice. You go shopping and more comes in and no where to put it. (teehee) Ok one of my tips is to label your drawers and containers.
Thanks for a chance.

chica21b said...

Well my best purchase so far has been my cabinet I bought from Hobby Lobby it has 4 drawers. Each drawer holds a different type of object. One drawer has all glues & tapes, etc. One drawer has all my watercolor crayons, markers, re inkers, another has most of my punches, and the last one holds 3-d items that can be altered. I also bought medium size glass jars from a craft store and sorted all my lose end ribbons by color! It looks great sitting on top of the cabinet.

Steph J said...

i use clear storage boxes for all my supplies - so that i can see what's in them!

Pat said...

I just recently discovered some awesome ribbon storage containers at Hobby Lobby (in the sewing dept) that are clear so that I can see the ribbon and it's protected at the same time. They stack on top of each other and the best part is using a 4o% off coupon to make them more affordable. I have tried many different ribbon storage ideas and this one is far the best for me. Thanks for sharing!


tyrymom29 said...

oh oh Organization Im not good with that at all I need all the help I can get !!! But i did find a way to organize my clear stamps I use a binder with clear pockets !! It works great ..!!

Donna ~*~ Tilda & Co ~*~ said...

Binder with acetate in , cling stamps onto place into clear pocket with a sheet of paper in front that i have stamped all images on so i can just flick through an see what i have.

also under a shelf i have added a hanging rail pole, to stop this form sliding out i have added 2 bottle capz to the ends, on this pole i hang all of my sticky tapes , double sided, masking, cello , brown . foam etc

also i have used coat pegs/hangers for hanging my scissors on next to me where i work so i just reach up and grab them.

wicker baskets to store glitter/alcohol inks/glue etc

old tubs/jars been transformed to store pens etc

box files have been used to store my card in them , each box file has 2 color ways - ie pink & lilac, black & white lol or i would of needed around 30 odd just for card!

huge sweet tubs ( the ones that penny sweets/old fashioned sweets come in , in the uk @ sweet shops?) well i got some of them for my ribbon they are huge and i can fit my hand in them easy to rummage about to get the one i want, i have one for thick ribbon . medium and thin stuff

Susan Liles susiestampalot said...

my best idea for organization is whatever you get as far as containers, storage units, anything, don't just get one that will hold what you have at the moment. there always needs to be room to grow, because your "stash" is always growing as well. at least mine is!!

Dorothy said...

I love to organize. My favorite find was a 3 shelf spice rack at a garage sale. I painted it black to match my stamo room decor and then bought Memoray Makers little plastic bottles which fit perfectly. I have filled the bottles with buttons, colored staples, beads, etc. and it looks so pretty with all the colors. I am always looking for organization things for that room and I find the best stuff at garage sales. I also buy bouquets of flowers at Michaels on sale, take them apart and store the flowers in long regtangular clear containers (also gotten at garage sale). I have them in the shelf and the colors of the flowers are so pretty and lively and I can see all the colors without having to open a box or something. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sunnymommie said...

Hi!!! When you have lot of leftover papers and you put in different colors in drawers plastic 8.5x11, you can find in any store wal-mart or target. I put my clear stamps in album and it work for me .. or you can put clear stamps on cd case...

thanks for the chance :)


Angel Wilde said...

I have a label maker and keep my drawers and shelves labeled so it is EASY to find everything (if I put it back of course...LOL)

jmniffer said...

My newest organization effort was for my extensive punch collection. I could no longer fit them in the over the door shoe holder plus storage tub so my DH mounted three 4 foot curtain rods from Ikea onto 2" cup hooks (3 per rod). I now have all my punches in one area, along with room for decorative scissors, wheel handles and more!


Edee said...

One of my favorite organizers are those handy plastic boxes with all those little compartments. I love store all my accessories in those. Eyelets are in one- divided into colors. Hinges, hardware, brads, ect divided into another.

Paula Kay said...

Organization is not my strong point but I am learning. I have all of my clear stamps in CD cases and labeled. They they are stored in Pretty boxes that hold about 20 per box. Each box is labeled by stamp Co for me to easily find the set I need.

Cindy Vernon said...

I have a clip it up! That helps a lot with getting stuff where I can see it as well as keep things organized. I bought some jelly jars and put my loose ribbon in each one by color.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mother in law is soon up and around and feeling much better.

In an iris cart with the 6 thin drawers, I have paper, all sorted into same colours, one drawer has all my punches, another 2 have ink pads stored flat, and on top, I put the 3 drawer iris carts with markers in one, gel pens in another, eyelets & brads in another, stickers in another.

I still need help too! Thanks so much.

CAKVD said...

OMG!!! I would LOVE this magazine!! You are very generous! My tip is to buy a pegboard and some cheap dowels and hang your scissors, templates, and stamp pads on it. I love it! Here is a link of it for you to see:

Cheryl KVD

Lilian said...

wow! thank you for sharing your free subscription with us!

one organzing tip-- i got a scrapbook cart at costco. it holds all my 12 x 12 dp, my cardstock, and my other stamping necesssities. it has wheels, so i can easily roll it around the house to whichever room i happen to be stamping in. :)

Linda SS said...

Wow, great prize! I organize with lots of photo boxes. I buy them in a design to match what is in them. I have my Valentine embellishments and stamps in heart boxes, etc. It's inexpensive and handy.

Anonymous said...

I just started getting crafty so I've got rubbermaid drawers that I've sorted everything into. Thanks for the chance!
Nicole L.

Amie said...

My favorite organizations methods are: keeping my ribbon sorted and stored all lined up in glass jars--they're functional and pretty too. I also just started keeping my acrylic stamps in CD slim cases (the jewel kind) and storing those in a small box. So easy to take care of and easy to see, find, use, store, etc! Thanks for the opportunity!


Kathy W said...

When I started to organize my space, I first made notes of where I use certain products. That way I could make sure to have materials close and not have to search in a cupboard across the room. I'm a big fan of baskets, so I bought tons of various sized baskets to house glitter, embossing powder, adhesives, buttons on cards, etc. I also like glass jars for ribbon and primas; very colorful and easy to spot. Thanks for the chance to win.