Friday, January 18, 2008


I didn't see Steph's tag until today. Isn't she sweet? Steph has been on a card making frenzy the last couple of weeks. She has done an amazing quantity of work! Be sure to check her out - I think I am not supposed to list her in my top 10 because she tagged me ... but then again, who's going to complain?? Ok, here are my top 10 in absolutely no particular order:
  1. Stephanie
  2. Sharon
  3. T!m
  4. Cathy
  5. Jan Tink
  6. Debbie
  7. Joan
  8. Donna
  9. Ali
  10. Stef

1 comment:

Stephanie Earls said...

Heck, I love tag! Thanks a ton. Can't wait 'til Friday for our Souper Stampin Up party.