Saturday, January 05, 2008

altering things

It's so much fun to alter an item! When altering, you take the ordinary and turn it into extraordinary! All you need is a basic idea ...

Since we've all been taken over by colds in our household {all 5 of us at once}, there are a number of medicines sitting out on the kitchen counter. We've been through one bottle of cough medicine and half-way through a second one! Since the bottle has a unique triangular shape, I thought it would be fun to alter.

First, I washed it thoroughly ... very thoroughly, and I took the dosage cap from the new bottle so it had never been used. I was able to pull off most of the label, which left sticky film behind, but that's ok because I'm just going to put more paper over it again.

Here is the finished bottle next to the original:

The tag was cut with Tags, Bags and Boxes cartridge by Cricut. You can see it reads, "Happy Pills." On the reverse side is written, "Take 2 Tbspoons daily." I filled the bottle with chocolate covered sunflower seeds from Cracker Barrel, but are also available online HERE .... but I didn't have the seeds until after I took the photos, so you can't see how cute they actually look in the bottle!

The embellished flower is from Target's dollar spot, and the paper and wide grosgrain ribbon is by Stampin' Up!

I made it with a great friend in mind who recently received a job promotion. There will be days she will need a few "Happy Pills!" I think she will like it.

Here is another post I read today with a wonderful idea for altering a Truffle box from Harry & David: Jan Tink's blog. There is a Harry & David outlet here in town, I may need to see if they have any truffle boxes left!!

happy stampin',



joan said...

what a cute idea. your friend is luckly to have a friend like you.

joan said...

if i could spell correctly i might be a famous writer. I meant "lucky to have a friend like you".

----- Alison Mewer Cowan ----- said...

That's HILARIOUS! "Happy Pills" - I LOVE THAT!

Cheryl said...

Too cute Susan! Haven't been taking any cough medicine just Tylenol and Air Borne here.

Edee said...

very creative! I love using things around the house.