Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vintage decorations

Before we get too far away from Christmas, I wanted to show you two decorations that my neighbor gave me last year. They are a vintage Santa & Mrs. Claus. She said they were a gift to her many years ago and she was going to throw them out, but decided to ask if I wanted them ... did I ever! I love them. Just look at those adorable faces:

They kept my buffet table under control Christmas morning. I don't know the particular technique used to make them, but it was popular ... maybe in the 70's? The base is made from folded and pleated newspaper. I love them. I think they are the perfect couple to sit on my table during the holidays!

Today is also my dd's 18th birthday! Unfortunately, we are all feeling cruddy with a cold so no celebration was held. We did have cake {chocolate, of course} and gave her a gift. Maybe we can make up the missing merriment in a few days when we all feel better.

Happy New Year and happy stampin'


joan said...

Tell Ellen HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Joan. Was not thinking that it was her 18th. So, when is she moving out? LOL! Mr. and Mrs. Santa are cute.

Cheryl said...

What cute Santa and Mrs Claus they are! Perfect for the table. I hope you all are feeling much better soon. At least your daughter got her chocolate for the day!

Stephanie Earls said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Ellen! We had Barron a party at Westlane Bowl. What a steal! 12 bowlers bowled 18 games, we got 2 large pizzas and 12 drinks for $54. Barron came away with gifts and $45! I guess Ellen it too old for a bowling party though!

The Clauses are precious.

Paula said...

I adore Mr and Mrs Claus! You were a good girl for now letting them be thrown out!