Thursday, December 20, 2007

only 5 days!

I can't believe there are only 5 days left until Christmas! Can you? I wanted to share this card with you today. Isn't this beautiful? I may case it for the last few cards I need to make. Then again, I may cave in and buy a few cards in the effort of conserving time.

all images © SU! 1990-2007

card by Judith Hutchinson

In the midst of everything that needs to be done ... and a lot of things that are not going to get done ... I decided today to rearrange some of my craft storage. Am I crazy or what? It began innocently enough ... just hoping to clean up the area {which is in the back portion of my bedroom}. Then I realized there was a more efficient way to stack all my stuff, which means I can fit more stuff in there {right?}. So now my bedroom is a complete mess and I need someone to saw about 5 inches off a board for shelving so it will fit into my space. Nevermind that I still have some Christmas cards to make {and mail} and at least one more present to purchase. Ugh. What was I thinking? Oh well, off to figure out a way to make it work!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Stampin'


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful card Susan. I really love this set.

joan said...

i reckon we are going to have to start buying tools we need to re-do our craft rooms. i'm taking off the 27th and hope to start on mine. MERRY CHRISTMAS!