Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm a proud mama

Yep, time for a little bragging from mom.
Our youngest son is in a band program at a local college. The band is designed for homeschools, private schools and public schools with no active band program, so it is a nice mix of kids. Their instruction is superb which was evident last night at the band program's Christmas Concert.

Our son plays percussion, which is really cool because there are so many different instruments he has the opportunity to play. I think his favorite for this concert were timber blocks - which made the sound of horse hoofbeats in one song {see movie below- this is a first for me, posting a movie I made -- cross your fingers that it plays, lol!}
He did such a great job on all of the songs. Mama and Daddy were very proud to say the least!Now, I wouldn't be a good mama if I didn't share a few photos, right?? Right. So here ya go:

Playing bass drum:

The entire 2nd year band:

A standing ovation:

One Horse Sleigh:
Of course, there was a lively ride home:

As a family, we are all done with our committments for this year - and what a relief! The two oldest have finished exams at college and are officially on Christmas break; the band concert ended the semester of lessons for our youngest and we've taken a holiday from homeschool lessons. Mom {me} has to work through Saturday, then I am off for 3 1/2 weeks. Poor ol' Dad still has two more weeks to work - and then he only gets a couple of days off. But the majority of our household is moving into full holiday swing!! I am so ready for the break too!

happy stampin'


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Cheryl said...

Susan, great to see the band photos! How proud you must be. I missed seeing the video.