Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Monogram a Bucket

I've been wrapping gifts and reading emails this morning, basically just enjoying myself! It's nice to have a morning when nothing is pressing. Normally I head out to work at lunchtime, but since it is exam week I have to work extra late, so I am not going in until 5pm today.

My best bud gave me a monogram letter for my birthday and I've been trying to decide what to do with it. A popular trend is applying monograms to the rear window of your car, but I have some stuff already on my car and it just didn't seem like the best way to utilize a cool letter like this. While wrapping gifts in my bedroom this morning, I spied a tin bucket I keep envelopes in on the craft shelves. Hmmm ... why not monogram my bucket?? So here are the results:

The flower, stick pin and beads are from Stampin' Up's Pretties kit - you can dye the flowers any color, but I thought white looked nice, so I left it alone. The ribbon is from - who knows where, it's just in my stash. To say the least, I'm loving my new personalized bucket! Here it is right at home on the shelf and filled with envelopes of all sizes:

While I'm here, I might as well share the entire shelving unit, and my craft table - which may seem messy, but believe me, it's a huge improvement over the way it normally looks!

Can you see my new Cricut cartridges on the shelves? I got 4 in the mail yesterday -- got them from Creative Express on sale for $27 each!!! That brings me up to a total of 8 cartridges. I only buy them on sale, so I've done well collecting this many. yay!

To the far right on the table is my work light {not Ott, but the same basic principle, and my ever close at hand Scor-Pal. They don't show up in the photo, but I consider both indispensable}.

I have so many projects on this table that I want to finish, and even more projects flying around in my head ... I have got to figure out a way to get some serious crafting work done! If you have any suggestions for carving out time to work on projects, please share in the comments. It seems like a never ending cycle of want-to-do vs. got-to-do! And guess which category always wins?

Ok, that concludes the show for today! Maybe I can come up with something new for next time.

happy stampin'



Cheryl said...

Susan, I love your shelves. I have so many projects going on right now I don't have any clean place. Your space looks great.

Preppy Decals said...

Love the tub! Should your friends and blog followers want to know where to get their OWN monogram decal, please send them on over to Mom-owned and operated! THanks!!!