Friday, December 28, 2007


STORAGE BEFORE - High and Tight!

Remember when I posted that instead of doing all the prep for Christmas I was reorganizing my stamp/scrap storage stuff? Well, I finally have a photo to share. Now, mind you, it's probably not a big deal to anyone but me ... I was cleaning up and realized that if I just moved a few things around I could add a shelf and make a permanent spot for my die cut machines. These machines have lived in my closet, only coming out for the most important of deeds. It was too much trouble to bring them out for small projects. But now that they live in the open, I can use them on a whim! I'm pretty excited about that.


I didn't move too many things. I switched out a drawer of foam stamps for the dies, but everything else stayed in the same storage compartments. Now my Big Shot, Quickutz and Bind it All can sit on the shelf where I can reach them easily. yay!

happy stampin'



joan said...

okay - come to mine! saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon, tuesday! whenever. HELP!!!

Cheryl said...

Susan when you finish at Joan's you can come to my house and help! I am actually trying to get my room cleaned up and re organized. As soon as hubby gets his office done I'll have the whole bonus room to myself.

Susan said...

Hey Cheryl, Joan and I will caravan up to your house, ok?? The funny thing is that if you saw all my stuff, you'd say I had no business posting about organization!!

joan said...

Cheryl, susan came to my house today and did a great job. I am now really inspired to finishing the organization so I can get to having some fun. THANKS TO SUSAN!!!!!! you"re the best!!

Paula said...

Can I come over and play?!?!