Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

Good Monday morning! I have so enjoyed the Thanksgiving break. I had extra time off from work, hubby was home for 5 days in a row, and we got our tree up! Tonight is decorating night. Our kids didn't want to decorate the tree until they could all be here, and with the holiday work schedules for our 2 teenagers, that meant we had to wait until tonight. I suppose I should cook something they all like {hmmm ... is that even possible?} and let them have a tree decorating party.

I also ordered a new digital SLR camera over the weekend. I'm sooo excited!! When I hit the submit button for the order, I had a moment of panic. Oh no! What if I shouldn't spend the money for a new camera? Is it too expensive? Is it even a good camera? Well, I'm happy to say, I got over those feelings quickly enough, lol! It's supposed to arrive next week, and I'll be sure to post when my baby gets here. Wanna see, isn't it lovely?

Now for today's share:

all images ©SU! 1990-2007
card design by Lauren McCray

The stamp set is Season of Joy, and it is only available until the end of this week! It is in the Holiday Mini Catalog, which will end on Nov. 30. Also ... did you notice the Chocolate Satin Ribbon? Yummie. The Satin ribbon is BOGO right now. I already put in my order!

I've been steadily working on more Christmas cards. I'll try to photograph today, but it's quite cloudy outside now and the forecast is for rain all day. I'm so happy for any rain ... it's so dry here. Creeks are dry, the lake levels are unbelieveably low ... it's been an extreme hot and dry summer. We desperately need rain -- so I'm really happy for it to rain ALL DAY. If I can't get a good photo today, I'll try again tomorrow.

happy stampin'


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