Thursday, November 01, 2007

another amazing share'o the day

I just learned something amazing today. Lisa Sommerville, who is an uber-talented stamper, posted this great news ... images in the TAGS FOR ALL stamp set fit perfectly on address labels for instant, self-adhesive gift tags!! Take a looksie at this:

Another brainiac, StampinwithTara posted,

"Just checked my stash, and it appears that the remaining labels in the set will ALL fit onto the Avery #8096 or #6490 Diskette labels.But, I can't be 100% sure, as I do not own the stamp set (I know that the printed images aren't always 100% accurate compared to the actual stamp). But, I took a label and stuck it over the images in the mini (the labels I have are the removable type) and they all fit inside the label."

I love it when a stamp set is versatile and so very useful. How quickly could you make gift tags? Wouldn't tags look great embossed too? woo-hoo. I just had to share this news with you today ... hope it is useful for you!

happy stampin'


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T. Whitesell said...

Would you share the size of the label that is on the sheet? I can't find that label number but thought I could match it up based on size. Thanks!