Wednesday, December 13, 2006

watercolor effect

I'm posting this card for Thursday's example {yes, a bit early, but I have to shop ... remember my post the other day? I'm making headway, but still far, far behind.}

This card illustrates how a simple card can be enhanced by a technique. There are no layers to this Christmas card. Which means no cutting, adhesive or matting -- all of which make cards beautiful, but take time and effort. On to the directions:

  • Using Natural White cardstock {which is slightly heavier than white} spritz it moderately with water,

  • ink the image and stamp allowing the ink to run freely over the paper.

  • After the paper dries - and you can use a heat gun if you're impatient like me : ) - stamp the same image again, slightly offset from the first.

Voila! You have a beautiful card that mimics watercoloring. It's great fun.

If your paper warps you can iron it to smooth out the paper fibers. Or, you can put a heavy book on the papers as they dry. Just make a stack and put a dictionary on top.

Happy Stampin'

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