Saturday, December 16, 2006

personalizing candles for gifts

In stamp club we have made personalized candles by stamping on tissue paper - they are perfect gifts, or party decorations. Rochelle Wick, a very talented stamper, has taken the candle gift one step further by printing a photo on tissue paper. I love the way her children personalized the back of the candle. Totally adorable gift idea ... see if you agree ...

The directions are similar for stamping or printing on tissue paper. The following instructions are from Rochelle:

  • Tape a piece of tissue paper to printer paper {or iron tissue onto freezer paper}
  • Print out the picture
  • Let ink dry for a minute or two
  • Carefully remove printed tissue paper off of printer/freezer paper
  • Cut down the tissue to the size needed
  • Wrap it around the candle
  • Wrap wax paper around the tissue tightly
  • Use the heat gun and gently melt the image into the candle.

You can view Rochelle's gallery here:

1 comment:

Tatum said...

Oh!! It's fantastic idea to make personalized candles as gift!! It looks nice and easy to make... I'll try this...