Friday, December 08, 2006

2 peas

Woot! I'm at 103 in the Stamping Top 50! Thanks for those clicks!!

Hop on over to 2peas for the Card Sketch Friday -- it's my sketch. {don't worry Christmas Cards are included in this post ... keep scrolling ...}

Ok, I have to be honest here -- it's not that good of a sketch. See, I forgot that I had volunteered to post it today. Then I was called in to work, which I don't normally do on Fridays. So, here I am sitting at work, being a good employee and 'bing' an email arrives reminding me today is my day! Yikes!!

So, I take a break, thumb through my online gallery to hopefully find a card I didn't case from someone else ... and make a quick sketch. Anyway, go take a look -- maybe 2peas will let me do another one someday if I didn't screw up this one too badly. The Card Sketch is here: for Dec. 8 is in the gallery. My card example is here:

Now, on to our Christmas Card examples for today:

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