Wednesday, February 07, 2007

sharing two today

I have two blogs to share with you today -- they both have great information on them, not just chatty stuff {which, btw, chatty is the most fun!}

The first one is Ms. Elsie's blog at:
Elsie has put up sketches to share, which I am going to try. Her style is sooo opposite of mine, but I just love her doodles and carefree style.

The second blog is pretty neat. Scrapjacked at:
They take layouts and "scrapjack" them. There are several posts for each layout, showing how differently a LO can be interpreted. Really cool idea.

The class at BPS is going well. I won't say I'm up to date with all the assignments, but I'm not sure I am going to do them all. Yesterday the assignment was to alter a candle ... well ... I've done all the candles I need for now, so I am thinking it's ok to skip this one assignment. And, I still have to come up with a *mission statement* for my journal. That's almost too hard for me! I'm still mulling that one over. If you have suggestions ... please! ... pass them along to me!! I love to copy other people!!

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