Thursday, February 22, 2007

fleeting beauty

On my way home from work yesterday, as I turned on to our street, this is what I saw. The rainbow was a full arc, from horizon to horizon {or tree tops}. This rainbow was stunning! My son and I looked at it for a while, and snapped a few photos. It was so large I wasn't able to get the entire arc in my viewfinder.
Rainbows don't last a long time. We watched as the rainbows colors began to fade some, and one side of the arc began disappearing. Then it started to drizzle rain a bit, so we finally went inside.

Isn't nature beautiful? Isn't our Heavenly Father wonderful? I am in awe of His creation as I think about that beautiful spectrum of light.


Joan said...

Rainbows are beautiful and helps me remember that thru the storms, God is there with us.

Rein said...


Peggy Maier said...

Gorgeous! What a reminder of God's promise & His love for us. Thanks for sharing.

Steve, Dana and Maria said...

Yes, I agree our Heavenly Father is so faithful to His promises.