Sunday, February 11, 2007

a little secret ...

There is a new ezine for papercrafters on the horizon. It is called All the Rage, and I am doubly excited because I am in on the planning of the ezine, and possibly in the future, a new magazine. There's not much up yet, since it is still in the planning stages, and the links don't appear to be working today, but you may want to bookmark the site and keep your eyes peeled ... it looks like it will be a great and wonderful thing!!
Here is a partial post from Caitlin, the owner of All the Rage,
"Unlike most idea books and online galleries,
this site is more than a compliation
of great pages. We also focus on
techniques, tips, tricks and ideas to make
your scrapbooking easier. After you
learn these techniques, you are no longer
a slave to the basics. Once again, you can
scrap with imagination and creativity —
and that's the sign of a skilled scrapbooker."
I'll keep you posted as well. Wish Caitlin and the design team luck!!

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