Wednesday, January 31, 2007

more alterations...

Here is my favorite new project. It is a papier mache set of 3 -- but I've only gotten one altered so far {hey - at least it is the largest one, surely the other will go quickly ... right?}



I used Mod Podge and a Basic Grey paper pack. Love the designs and distressed prints. The windows get lost in this photo, but in reality they show up just fine. One window curtain is even open just a bit, but you have to look closely to see. As usual, I still plan to add more before I'm finished w/ the house, but I have to look at it a while before I decide exactly what it needs. I covered the windows with paper because I plan to use the houses for storage. That way they can sit out and look pretty, yet be functional. Cool, huh?

I found them at Hobby Lobby ... and at half price too! I couldn't leave them sitting there looking so lonely. I'll post the others when I finish. Not quite sure when I'll have time to work on them again -- next week is looking busy.

Check in w/ me again later this week. The weatherman is calling for a wintry mix in the morning, so maybe I can get a good photo of that!

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