Saturday, January 20, 2007

Where in the world ...

have I been? It's been overwhelming at my house since Thursday. We've been rearranging 3 bedrooms. Not an easy task for a pack rat like me. Here's the short version:

My youngest son needs his own room. The only room available is my craft/computer/book room. So, Thursday morning I started moving anything that I could do alone ... lots of things. First, I had to move a lot of stuff {otherwise referred to as crap} out of my bedroom to clear space for the more important stuff {also know as crap} that would need to find a new home since we're kicked out of the computer room.

After I got our bedroom cleared -- notice the wording here: cleared ... not cleaned ... there is a huge difference! I begin moving items from the craft/computer/book room into other spaces, not necessarily permanent ones. Friday, hubby was off work so he helped w/ the heavier lifting. We got the room swept, mopped and dusted and moved in the kids bed. I can't move my computer stuff until after the telephone man does his job on Monday.

My craft stuff is now living in my bedroom. I'm still organizing and sorting all kinds of items. Some things I had even forgotten that I owned. I would guess I still have 2 more full days of work ahead of me ... but it's coming along.

Would you like to see a photo of my new craft room? Ok ... just one sneak peak, it's still such a mess, but here it is:

bwhahahaha ... like it? Of course, it's not mine!!! I saw this photo on 2peas and thought, "Wow! Wish that was my room ... so hey... here is cyberspace I can pretend that it really is mine! Here is the link to see other pictures of this awesome room:

I'll share a photo of my very unimpressive room when it's finished. I promise, you won't be amazed!

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