Thursday, January 04, 2007

too many circles!

all materials Club Scrap

Oh my! Looks like my dd is overwhelmed by the circles. I'm trying to scrap some pages - this was a layout I made ahead of time and photos were added later. It's different to premake your layouts at first, but once I get into the swing of it ... time goes quickly. I've made 13 layouts w/out photos over the last 2 evenings while watching tv. Then I completed this one and one other w/ photos -- I'll post the next one tomorrow {hopefully}.

I don't quite know where to journal ... or if I should add anything else to this layout ... so I'll wait until I figure it out or someone gives me an idea. Journaling is always the hardest part for me.

added: Several people asked me about the photos. My dd was just goofing around with her camera and took them herself. She's funny. Both of my teenagers take self-portraits all the time. They *need* photos for MySpace -- lol!!

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