Wednesday, January 17, 2007

last night

Had a totally great time last night w/ my buddies in Spartanburg -- HEY EVERYBODY!!
They are such a great bunch, funny, sweet ... the whole nine yards. It's been forever since I got together w/ them -- forever as in August, before my mother's fractured back, 3 surgeries, rehab stay, etc ... you get the picture. Anyway, it was very therapeutic for me!

I have another Carte Postale card to share today, plus a quick Valentine idea. The card is done in Bravo Burgandy using the coordinating wheel w/ Carte Postale -- a very elegant card. Love it!

This lollipop is covered using the new Pocket Note cards in the Winter mini catalog. Just stamp and pop over the sucker -- very quick and easy, especially if you're making a lot. And it looks like you put some thought into it, not just handing over a sucker. I really like this idea. Of course, you could cut cardstock and make it into a matchbook cover as well, or sure a slot punch for a tab closure -- whatever you have on hand!

I also have to give a quick shout to the people at Advantus who handle Heidi Swapp products. I ordered a huge package of chipboard letters, self-adhesive no less ... but they weren't sticky. I was having to glue each little letter down, really big pain. So I finally emailed them and they are sending me replacements for all the chipboard. Yea! No one tried to make excuses or tell me I wasn't using the product correctly, nope, it was just a quick note apologizing and saying my package was already on the way. That's great customer service, and I appreciate it mucho!!

Have a great day today!!


Joan said...

what about your stamp club friday night? did you have a good time with them?

PSAH said...

yes, you silly goose!