Saturday, February 09, 2008

Personalized stamp info

I've only received a tiny bit of harrassment about not posting the information on my new personalized monogram stamp. I thought it best to go ahead and post it today so you'll have all weekend to decide how much you really need a new stamp! There is a lot to see at the web site too - I'll link it just under the photo {and I recently edited the link for the correct website - if you went to the manufacturer site, try this one now. You can actually place an order here, plus they are still offering discounts}

30% off with free shipping for a limited time

I actually love this stamp! I just think it is so cool. My plan is to stamp the back of everything I make {along w/ any other required angel stamps} so anyone who finds a card or scrapbook page made by me will know it! I would like to order more versions of personalized stamps. I think one for books would be great, another one for return address and maybe just a fancy monogram to personalize card fronts for myself.

Anyway, now you've seen it. What do you think? If you order one, be sure to post it so I can take a look - I need more ideas!

happy stampin'

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grandmajoan said...

love it. will have to get me one.