Thursday, February 21, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Somehow my brain was mistaken.
I seriously thought that after being at my sister's house for 4 1/2 days, I would return home without missing a beat and be totally and completely caught up with everything. hmmm ... that didnt' turn out to be the case. I'm sooo behind in everything! I don't know why. I was caught up when I left. Some weird time warp thing must be happening, because I have been going non-stop since Tuesday night and still haven't gotten around to some very important things. Like blogging, grocery shopping, uploading my photos, packing the supplies for stamp camp, and so on ...

So, in the interest of showing up here on my blog, I have 2 cards to share that are not mine. In fact, they are most likely way better than mine could ever be. So, really you are getting a bonus today.

top card by Elizabeth Shultz

images © SU 1990-2008

bottom card by Vicki Shultz

Finally, if you live anywhere near me, we are stamping on Friday night. Email me with the link in the right margin ----> and I will send you directions. We're making a card and a mini album. Both are cute, but the mini album is by far my favorite.

happy stampin'


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