Wednesday, February 06, 2008

pack light

I don't go out to crops often - even though I should! One of my biggest problems is deciding what to take. I mean there are so many choices! This weekend, I carried the special edition Club Scrap kit with me, hoping to get a few things accomplished.

I intentionally packed light! See how well I did above ... one pizza box, one tote and one diet coke! Not bad, until you start unpacking it. Then you get an idea of just how much one pizza box and tote can actually hold:

Stamps, scissors, TWO petal point ink collections, ribbons, kit directions and ...

... and unmounted stamps, yummie papers, pretties from Stampin' Up, chipboard, card supplies for 20 cards, stickers, die cuts, adhesives ... whew ... there's a lot more not showing, but I think you get the idea.

Well ... I didn't have as much free time as I had expected, so I only worked on one layout, and didn't even get it finished! ugh. But that's ok because now I have even more resolve to use this kit ... and I have all my stuff together ready to work.

The tote I have is called the Totally Cool Tote by All My Memories. I bought it about 2 years ago and I love it! My best bud's daughter monogrammed it for me too - see the big "S" on the front pocket? I think you can find them at Hobby Lobby. It sits on my table {on a small lazy susan} and I can grab almost any tool I need by spinning it. The amount of tools and supplies it holds is amazing. Take a look at what was still left inside after I unpacked my most frequently used tools and adhesives:

Here is a photo from the other side. There is also a pocket in the bottom that holds a Silent Setter and other misc. tools that I don't reach for as frequently. Do you think I have enough stuff???

I ordered photos on Thursday, so I am expecting to receive approximately 105 photos in the mail soon - that should make me do some scrapbooking. Maybe they will come today - I may have a few extra minutes to scrap. {FYI - I ordered my photos through for only .09 cents each What a great deal!}

happy stampin'



grandmajoan said...

and just where did you take this picture? oh yeah - I know! It also seems like when we go somewhere prepared we don't have time to do the projects we had hoped to work on, but then if you weren't prepared you would have had time on your hands. Crazy isn't it?

Leah said...

I just received this tote as a Christmas gift! At first, I wasn't so sure.. but I absolutely LOVE it! It holds SOO much! I am definitely in the "packs too much" boat when I get together with my friends for crafting.. but then I always forget something too! LOL TFS :D

Cheryl said...

I have been searching for this tote. Found it at AC Moore in Md but didn't have my coupon so waited til I got home. Heck, my AC Moore didn't have it and didn't seem to think they would be getting it. I think I'll search online.
I used most of that CS kit for scrapping. Didn't fool with cards.

Pat Huntoon said...

Wow you are amazing -- I can never just go with a littel bit! Haven't broken into my kit yet, either...