Monday, February 04, 2008

Mr. Woodpecker

Shot from inside my house on a rainy Monday. It's Mr. Woodpecker eating from the suet feeder. I believe this is a red-bellied woodpecker - however, if that's not correct, please leave the correct name in comments so I'll know.

I didn't know if I could actually get a decent photo from inside. I took the picture through 2 glass doors - the regular door & the storm door - and it was raining. LOOK at the bill on that bird!

Now that I know I can photograph through the glass doors, I'll watch the feeder carefully and try to get a Cardinal! The birds absolutely love the suet feeders. I have two hanging in my backyard and one with no feed in my front yard. I need to buy some more food too.

happy {non}stampin' day


Cheryl said...

Wonderful shots Susan! I haven't seen any Woodpeckers at our feeders at our new home. I've heard them around so maybe soon.

Pat Huntoon said...

Greta photography. You should consider a hummingbird feeder too. Most people don't think they are in their area until they put a feeder up -- they just show up! Amazing creatures : )

Sharon in NE said...

Incredible photos!

Kristilyn said...

Those are great pictures! Usually by the time I've figured out the camera, the bird has flown away!

Cheryl said...

Susan, I must tell you after posting yesterday I finally saw a woodpecker at our feeder! Didn't have time for the camera.