Thursday, February 14, 2008

My sweet, sweet hubby

Left a valentine for me today. He gave me a Dove chocolate heart shaped box and a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

In the photo above, please take careful notice of the card. It's just under the flowers. He's so sweet, flowers, chocolate and a card! Ummm ... but there's something else you must know --- look at the card again - see how it's just white? Makes you wonder just a bit, doesn't it?

Well ... wonder no more. Here is a closer look at my romantic valentine index card! Yep, he wrote on an index card. hahaha.

Here is the conversation:

me: Hey - how nice, chocolate, flowers and a card!

him: thanks.

me: wait, is this an index card?

him: I bet you didn't know I make cards too.

me: Nope, I didn't.

him: Well, everyone's got to start somewhere!

So funny ... he's definietly a keeper! I think I'll tag this blog post as "gift ideas."

happy stampin'



Cheryl said...

Susan how cute! Flowers, candy and a home made card!!!

Catherine said...

too funny! and yes...he's a keeper =)

grandmajoan said...

my husband gave me money to buy my own card! he got embarrassed when my daughter and then my son's girlfriend volunteered to go get me a card/gift.