Thursday, June 28, 2007

Craft Critique

There is a great blog called Craft Critique. On it craft products of all types are reviewed impartially. There is no reimbursement or tie to any companies for the opinions, so you can truly get a good idea of the usefulness of a product. Well, anyway, today they have blogged about the SU! paper piercer and I thought it was interesting enough that others may want to go read it. Here is an excerpt:

The piercing tools can be used for ...well... piercing. The tool is sharp
enough to pierce patterned paper, cardstock, chipboard, foam, thin metal,
and some plastics. I usually stick to patterned paper and cardstock.
You can use the piercing tool to create any number of
holes in your projects. Why would you want holes???
Well, you can use them to place eyelets or brads, you can thread
ribbon or string through them, you can leave them open
to show a different layer underneath, you can drag
a marker across them to create the look of stitching,
or you can do any other thing you can thing of with holey paper.

You can also send suggestions for products that you would like to see reviewed. I think that is pretty cool.

happy stampin'

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