Monday, June 04, 2007

hardly working?

I have sooo much to get done this week ... so what am I doing? Yep, you guessed it, scrapbooking! You know I love it, but scrapbooking is also the perfect activity for anyone in denial! It keeps my mind off those boring things ... like chores, to do lists, laundry, etc. You get the idea! So, since I am hardly working today, I wanted to share my scrapping table {temporarily set up in my front room} and a page I finished yesterday.

This is Ellen's dance photo. They got new costumes this year and it looks like something futuristic to me {I call her robo-dancer}. Anyways ... the paper is Club Scrap Stratosphere kit. It's not quite my normal style, and I would have never picked it out myself but it works so well w/ this costume. The pink embellies are microbeads -- really cool to work with unless they spill and roll all over your floor.

And, this is where the MAGIC happens! Well, only for this week anyway. I never scrap in the same place twice it seems. I am trying very hard to get a pseudo-scrap room set up in my bedroom, but unimportant things like clothes and a huge treadmill keep getting in my way, which regretfully means I have to seek out other areas to pile my stuff. A good friend told me the best way to set up a scrap room is to kick out your kids {LOL, just messing w/ ya Joan!}.

You can see all my mess here, and waayyy in the back are my new, uber cool scallop punches. No, I haven't actually made anything w/ the punches yet ... but I have grand plans for them, yes sirree! I'll be sure to post when I finally make something w/ these cool punches. If you don't have any ... you need them, seriously!


Lisa said...

That is a stunning page! Just beautiful and she is sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing it.

Momofkae said...

I came here via your link on the CS Chat group. I really enjoyed viewing your beautiful cards and scrapbook pages. Happy Scrappin'!

joan said...

throwing kids out worked for me!!!
dancing page looks great!
yep, i see all those punches!
have a great day