Wednesday, June 27, 2007

doin' a happy dance up in here!!

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That's right ... my catalog is here!!! The brand new, lovely, fresh and lovable Stampin' Up! catalog arrived at my door. Woot!! I'm lovin' flipping through the pages, straining my brain to take in all the new, wondermous items that I will need to order shortly.

I have also been going through my retiring stamp sets and have a whole boatload of stamps to sell. I plan to put them out Saturday at my yard sale ... but if you wanna email me and see if I have a set you "need", I'll gladly put it to the side for you.

Ok -- getting a fresh Diet Coke and heading back to my comfy chair to drool over my catty some more.

all images © SU! 1990-2007


Anonymous said...

I love the first simplistic, but the beauty shines through. I am new to blogging and having fun following site-to-site, link-to-link to see so many blogs.

It helps to fill my time as there are no new Catty's in Texas yet, :(

Enjoy and Thanks for sharing.

Corie said...

Love thes cards. I have my caddy too, don't you love it.