Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mexico on my mind ...

Why? Because my daughter just booked her flight for this summer's mission trip. She will be working on staff this year, in Mexico. It was an awesome trip for her last year and she is busy trying to raise money and get ready to go again.

I guess that is why I finally put last year's photos in an album, because I knew there would be more pictures this summer for another album. Here are the next pages from last year's trip:

Their Bible story was the Coat of Many Colors. Our teens would read the story, and then another person translated into Spanish for the kids. The craft was to glue colorful ribbons onto a coat ... I think the girls loved the ribbons. And, as you can see {sorry, it is a bit fuzzy} they ended with a pinata - what fun.

This is a photo of our youth group -- again, really bad photo, my apologies -- in front of a pond in La Laja {pronounced La LaHa}. It must have been a beautiful place. I do know it was very hot, even though they were up in the mountains of Mexico.

I'll post more, hopefully the end of this week. And ... I got a new TOY in the mail today. I'll share it with you soon. I'm so giddy!!

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chelemom said...

Ooops I just hit the submit comment button without a comment! Silly me! I wanted to tell you how great I think your daughter is for doing her mission work! That is a testament to how you raised her! Good for her! I hope she has a great time!