Saturday, June 09, 2007

Photos 7, 8 & 9 of Mexico

More photos. The first page is of a Catholic Cathedral in Matehuala. don't you love that clock? My son said the church was beautiful. One thing they found very different, and I guess it is cultural, there was a coffin at the front of the church with a replica of Jesus in it! The kids had never seen anything like that before. Maybe someone reading this can message me with an explanation of why Jesus would be in a coffin?

Animals are everywhere in the mountains. They are all free range, and you see them at every turn. I thought since the kids had taken several shots of animals, we should let them have their own page. Goats are really important. They serve as a source for milk and cheese, and for really special occasions, they will actually cook the goat! You know you are special if they cook a goat for you. Can you imagine?

In these photos the kids are eating and shopping at the market. It is sort of like a flea market with everything you could imagine. They said the food was terriffic -- especially my son, he LOVED everything they served and ate what the other more picky eaters wouldn't. I believe the meals were all bean-based. In the bottom right photo, they are eating hamburgers -- topped with fried bologna and cheese. yuck.

One more post and we'll be done with this album. Hope you are enjoying it. If not, it will be over soon, lol!!

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