Monday, July 07, 2008

Blessed with friends

We were so blessed to have visitors this past week. Lane's friend, Jacob, came to spend a few days with us and it was jus perfect. The boys seemed to have a great time, and I was happy for a good friend for him to spend time with. Here they are at Carowinds - I only got one photo with them looking at the camera:

And one with them walking away from the camera {ignoring me, I think}:

DH spent one evening working on guitar skills with the boys. What teen doesn't want to learn to play the guitar and start a garage band?

Jacob's mom - one of my dearest friends - came down to get him and spent 2 days with us as well. We had a blast shopping, talking, eating and making cards together. It's been 11 years since their family moved back to Minnesota, but we've been so blessed to remain in contact and keep our friendship. All 3 of our kids just love this family too!

happy stampin'



grandmajoan said...

glad everyone had a great time.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh how fun...ahhh to be young again and have time to learn how to play the guitar!!! :)