Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I wanted to stop in quickly to give you all updates on our family situations. My mom fell and broke her hip last week, just as we were looking into a hospital transfer for my mother-in-law. Great timing ... when it rains it pours, right?

My mom had hip replacement surgery and today moved to a rehab facility near home. She seems to be content for now. Great news.

My mother-in-law was transferred to a medical university hospital and her diagnosis was confirmed. Relief. She has a very long recovery to look forward to; and most likely will not be able to eat or drink anything for 3 months. Unbelievable. The medical team put in a PIC line today, she already has an IV line for nutrition in her chest. We don't have a time line for discharge. We also don't know if she will come home after discharge, be transferred back to a local hospital, or possibly even a rehab facility.

There is a lot up in the air today. Lots of questions to be asked, and decisions to be made. My husband is holding up well, but he is tired. I can hear it in his voice. He is emotionally drained. And, he is missing the kids.

Both moms are going to need a lot of care and prayers. And their children {me, my husband, and his sister} are going to need those prayers too. Strength, peace, sound mind.

Thanks for checking in. I'll update again as I have time ... and one day soon, we'll get creative again!!



Heidi said...

Prayers up for you and your family Susan! I know how hard sickness in a parent can be. I hope they both jump back quicker than expected! God bless!

joan said...

prayers are being lifted up for you and are concerned. Let me know if I can do anything for you or the children.

Peggy Maier said...

Good grief! Two right together - how exhausted you & your husband must be! Prayer for you & yours. Focus on God's faithfulness & don't worry about the rest. He's in control - thank goodness!