Monday, April 30, 2007

a Good Thing ...

Shhhh .... I was able to sneak over to Michael's Sunday afternoon, before my son's band concert. That means I was able to see the new Martha line in person ... and WOW, I loved it! Now, I didn't love everything, but I saw some items that were calling my name. I ended up with 2 new punches, 2 spools of ribbon and a set of bird stamps. I also came away with some non-Martha $1 acrylic stamps that are sooo cute. When I get something made with the new loot, I'll post here for you to see. And, if you've made anything cute w/ those $1 stamps, preferably the newest ones, I'd love to see them. I am always looking for a good card to case!!

I have to say that, as prepared as I was to NOT like MS scrapbooking line, I think they've done a good job producing items that are new and fresh. The packaging is clean and simple, but one criticism is that there is not a lot of description on the packaging, which I found frustrating. I wanted measurements, descriptions, etc. Some of the crafting paper I *heard* is tissue and/or vellum weight, but looking at the packaging, I couldn't tell that. There were also some cute necklace kits, but no length for the finished product. More description on the packaging would be a benefit.

I didn't see anything revolutionary in the line, but Michael's is wise to get this line exclusively for a year. And, I think MS will help bring Michael's out of a slump. I had gotten to the point where I rarely went by there anymore, preferring to shop at Hobby Lobby. As Martha would say, It's a good thing.

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