Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flower Power

A friend asked me to make a sign for donations to use at the band concert last night. First I made a sign using powerpoint - quick & easy, but not too attractive. I decided to put a little more effort into it and make a nice sign that would "attract" the eye and hopefully encourage people to donate.

Next I had to decide how to make that sign. I could use my handy dandy cricut, or dig through my drawers of endless suppplies. I remembered buying die cut blossoms from SU! recently for a stamp camp ... but just where did I put those leftovers? After some digging, I finally found the blossoms, and in the interest of time and patience, I used stickers for the letters instead of custom cutting them with my bug.

Here is the final result:

all images copyright SU! 1990-2008

Sorry for the ugly tub - I had to raise it up to get decent light for the photo. For some reason, I was thinking I could crop it out ... but it didn't quite work out. If I were a photoshop genius I could lasso the entire image and put it on a brilliant background - but again, no genius here!

Supplies: Die cut blossoms, rub-ons, striped ribbon: SU!; Letter stickers: Sharon Soneff; Ink: Colorbox chalk black; Light green bucket: Target $ spot; wooden skewers & paper fluff: Wal-mart.

happy stampin'



grandmajoan said...

and why haven't you ever made the senior center a bucket of "donation flowers"? I see we will be doing alot of work saturday.

Pat Huntoon said...

What a wonderful project -- thanks for sharing!