Thursday, April 03, 2008

phooey on all you enablers out there

... you know who you are!! I found a stamp set that I just HAVE to order! Oh me, oh my, why, why, why do you all have to make such beautiful cards and tempt me so? Don't you know I have not even a shred of self-control when it comes to stamping?

And just to encourage you and hopefully drag a few of you along on my journey to obtaining all the rubber stamp sets known to mankind ... I'm going to show you a few of these beauties. Let's see if you feel the same way I do about the set called Bloomin' Beautiful.

This first card is by Carol Millay. I saw it on a board for Stampin' Up! demos. Isn't this just gorgeous? I absolutely love it! From the striped ribbon to the beautifully colored hydrangeas ... the designer paper, everything is just "wow." Now, I don't know Carol. But if I find she has a blog, I will post it here so we can all go drool over her creations.

all images © 1990-2008 SU!

Next are a few cards from SplitCoastStampers with links to each designer's gallery. I want to be sure to give full credit to everyone.

This card is by Sharon Johnson, aka Notimetostamp. Sharon is one of my favorite stampers - she has a wonderful blog too. You can find her blog by following the links in her SCS gallery.

all images © 1990-2008 SU!

Next, is a card in teal by Hudlap. I don't know -- do you think she lives in Iceland? She has a flag on her profile picture. That's pretty amazing. I wonder if hydrangeas grow in Iceland?

all images © 1990-2008 SU!

This next card just wows me too. I love the softness of the blue, and the different hues of the flowers - just like in real life. I also love the daintiness of the scalloped edge - and did you notice? It's done on Kraft cardstock - not traditionally considered soft or dainty! The designer of this card is Kthaman.

all images © 1990-2008 SU!

I'm going to post a couple more cards, but leave out the commentary {if possible} so this post won't grow any longer. Just know that I am completely in love with all the cards posted here!

all images © 1990-2008 SU! By Musikel.

all images © 1990-2008 SU! By Anniehl.

all images © 1990-2008 SU! By ChristineCreations.

all images © 1990-2008 SU! By Markie's Mom.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my obsession with this stamp set. The next time you see it here it will be my own creation {'cause I'm getting ready to order it tonight!}

happy stampin'


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grandmajoan said...

Beautiful cards and such imaginations - blows my mind (which doesn't take much these days.) Thanks for sharing.

Now show us a picture of your goodies you bought yesterday!