Wednesday, April 30, 2008

make 'n take card

Our lss offers a free make'n take on Wednesday mornings {Hey Steph!!}. I rarely get to go because I work on Wednesday afternoons which means the morning is full with homeschooling. A couple of weeks back, I actually made it to the m'nt and here is the card:

I fell in love with the patterned paper - the flowers and dots are one double sided sheet - but resisted the urge to buy any. I have more patterned paper than I will probably be able to use in my lifetime! Any other hoarders out there? Holla!

If the card looks a little unfinished it's because it is! I chose to omit the sentiment stamp on the front. I believe it said "love" stamped in white ink, and I wasn't sure I would need a lovey-dovey card anytime soon. I'll stamp it with something appropriate when I need to mail it. There is also a black tee-tiny tag on the ribbon knot - see it now? The sample card had the year written with white gel pen on the tag ... I thought that was a really cute touch. Of course, as you can see, I left mine blank again - not knowing the actual occasion when I will use this card.

happy stampin'


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