Friday, April 18, 2008

Life update

Ok, I promised to update my ol' bloggity with details - but not too many - to let everyone know what has been going on and why I have been MIA. Most everyone knows that my mother and mother-in-law have experienced serious health issues over the last year and a half. That has not changed. My mother should be coming home next week from rehab. We pray that goes well, but for the moment both moms seem to be stable - which is such a blessing.

Last week, however, an accident happened to our friend, Eric. He is the son of one of my BFF's and the BFF of my youngest son. Our families are very close and our kids have known each other since birth.

Eric was out on his scooter {not motorized} and took a tumble. He was a little shaken, but got up and walked on home with a scraped shoulder. Within an hour or so he developed a terrible headache and signs of a concussion so his parents rushed him to the ER. At 10 pm his mom called me from the ambulance - they were being transferred to a larger hospital. By midnight Eric was undergoing brain surgery -- and it was his 16th birthday - can you believe that!

The neurosurgeon said Eric hit his head in the weakest spot and caused an artery to burst. He had uncontrolled bleeding in his brain. During surgery, the Dr. stopped the bleeding and drained out the extra blood. I am so happy to tell you all that he is recovering nicely at home. There do not seem to be any lasting effects from the injury or surgery. He does have a long recovery ahead before he reaches 100%, and he will have some restrictions for about a year --- but we are all amazed and so thankful that he is doing so well. God is good!

Here are a few photos of the boys at soccer practice about 2 weeks ago. My son is wearing the green t-shirt, Eric is wearing gray and Eric's brother, Ethan is in black.

Why is it that teenage boys try to not look at each other? I guess they are too cool.

happy stampin'


ps - go {{hug}} your kids!

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Keri Lee Sereika said...

WOW I am going to make sure my sons wear their helmets when playing on their scooters from here on out...I am so happy read Eric is ok!!!