Monday, July 16, 2007

another enabler alert

{Click photo to enlarge}

Gosh, I'm getting really bad about posting enabler alerts! Maybe I am shopping too much -- do ya think that is possible? Shhh ... don't mention that to my hubby, ok?

Found these today at Big Lots. $3 each. I didn't buy one of each, even though you may think so ... I left the baby boy, baby girl, wedding and a couple of alpha sets there. Here are the same sets a little more up close.


joan said...

but i did pick up the baby ones, the wedding, and a couple of more!!!!!!! did you get the coupon for sunday night?

doverdi said...

I'm so jealous. Sure wish we had a big lots in Canada. :( lol

audrey, g said...

Have you tried these yet? I saw them, but read they were hard to peel off without tearing. Have you had success with them?