Sunday, November 26, 2006


To borrow a phrase from the perky Rachel Ray --
our Thanksgiving was definitely yum-o!

This year was the first time we've hosted the official meal. That meant a lot of cleaning and painting (refer to post below), but it was great to think of 2006 as the first year of a tradition for our family. We've always gone to the grandparent's homes for Thanksgiving, but now it is our turn. And, I began thinking of the years ahead when our kids will be coming home w/ their families ... and well, it makes me a bit sentimental, yet proud. I am glad to begin this tradition w/ my children -- it is a passing of the torch from one generation to the next. And, one day, it will be my children's turn to host the holiday meals at their homes. sniff ...

Here are a few pictures of the day ... actually, I almost forgot to take any pictures so you will not see the star of the show, Mr. Tom Turkey. And, oh how I wish I had gotten a photo of the pumpkin celebration cake cousin Stacey made. Wow, was it gorgeous and delicious!

too much food ... is that really possible?
hubby enjoying his 2nd helping ... ok, maybe 3rd!

playing tag in the front yard ... running off all those calories?

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