Sunday, November 05, 2006

dance, dance, dance

I spent yesteray at a clogging competition. It was fun, but our team didn't do so well. I must add that the competition was stiff! Like I told my daughter, your team won't get better if you don't dance with people better than you ... that was supposed to console her after placing third in one dance and not placing at all in the other. All in all, I thought they did fine. And, it's good to not always be the winner, kwim?

My dear hubby stayed home to paint for me! He painted our dinning area {I hesitate to call it a "room" since there are only 3 walls!} I had originally picked out a terra cotta color for the walls, but then at the last minute, I went w/ a tan paint and chesnut glaze. I haven't had time to do the glazing yet ... that's on my chore list for this week. Gotta finish before my stampin' posse comes over on Friday.

We're also having to redo our bathroom floors. I'd love to say we're getting tile, but alas, no. However it will be nice to have a new floor down, a leaky toilet fixed {finally} and no soft spots around the tub/shower areas. That is also going on this week -- along w/ the painting -- stamp club -- and my mother coming home from rehab.

It's going to be a very busy week around the house. Maybe I'll get a few pictures posted if I don't have a nervous breakdown first {LOL - just kidding!!}

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