Saturday, November 25, 2006

new paint

New paint makes anything look nice! My husband is such a dear to paint for me ... I hate to paint. Since I really wanted the painting finished before Thanksgiving, he has been spending his weekends painting rooms for me. The most drastic change was in our dinning room. I'll show you the before/during/after photos. {just a side note ... if you click on the photo above you can see my little 13 year old couch potato watching tv as daddy paints away, lol!}


The room was sponge painted w/ a stenciled border -- loved it when I first did it, but am so tired of it now -- I wanted a big change, and so, my daughter and I picked out a lovely beige paint. Now, if you really know me ... you know that I don't have any beige walls in my house! Seriously, beige was my last color choice ... until I saw the chestnut glaze ...


Wow - what a change it is! I really love it, but when I was first putting on the glaze ... it scared me! I worried that I had made a terrible mistake. Brown? What was I thinking?? But it turned out nice. Take a look and let me know what you think:


Finally, as a fun touch I altered a M monogram {for our last name} from Hobby Lobby to coordinate with and help decorate our freshly painted walls. I used designer papers, hodgepodge hardware, twill, ribbon, and inks from Stampin' Up! to complete the project.

The rest of the painting was just a fresh coat for the walls in our front room and the bathroom trim. No color changes there, so I'll spare you any photos. It's really unspectacular {is that a word?}.

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