Saturday, April 22, 2006

What Inspires You?

Tell me.
I want to know.
Really, I do!
What inspires you?
What gets you excited and motivated to get up and do something? Here are a few things that inspire me, in no particular order of course ...
  • my family
  • spending time w/ my girlfriends
  • reading material - books, mags, etc.
  • printed papers - love them too much!
  • odd size envelopes - so much possibility
  • mini albums
  • mod podge!
  • a little bit of ink, paper and a heat gun!
  • flowers
  • chocolate (ok, maybe it doesn't inspire me, but I do enjoy it)
  • creative people
  • reading blogs by creative people and seeing their latest creations
  • learning something new
  • teaching others - sharing knowledge
  • taking classes (preferably craft classes)
  • traveling - wish we could go more often and further away ...
  • QVC (sorry, it's true - I watch waaay more than I buy - promise!)
  • pretty ribbons
  • sharing a meal with friends
  • good conversation
  • extra minutes on my cell phone
  • Barnes & Noble
  • a good movie
  • a clean house - ha, know of any??
  • quiet time (rare, oh so rare!)

So, that's my list ... please share a few of your inspirations with me. I may even post a few of them here! With your permission, of course ...

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