Friday, April 21, 2006

Summer Mini in my mailbox!

Yes, you read the title correctly ... I have in my possession a Summer Mini Catalog! The mini isn't actually in effect until June 1, and all my stamp clubbies will receive their copy mid-May. I will post a picture when one becomes available, but until then, here are brief descriptions of some of the sets:

Basics Outline - Jumbo outline of flowers coordinates w/ Bud Basics
Buds - Jumbo solid flowers coordinates w/ wheel above and set below - you can 2 step stamp w/ the two jumbo wheels.
Bud Basics - Set of 6 solid and outline images of flowers and leaf. Reminds me of Paint Prints from SAB 2005, but yet different.
Sheltering Tree - 2 Step Stampin' set -- Stems and leaves/buds/hearts and a sun. I like this one, and I'm surprised because it's not really my type!
Petal Patch Paper - Love it, love it! I just love (did I say that already?) the new patterned papers SU is coming out with. And I love that the colors in the papers match the inks and the 48 colors. This makes scrapbooking great pages a snap.
The Wheel Thing - Cuteness all the way. There is a solid wheelbarrow, a shopping cart, a scooter and a wagon. I can imagine putting lots of things (money, gift cards, other stamped images, etc) inside these so they peek out of the top.
Cowboy Kid - Perfect for your lil' cowboy at home! Great for kids party invitations or scrapbook pages.
Laundry Notes - Undies with cute sayings: "Just a short note" (shorts), "You fit like a glove" (glove), "Slipping you a note" (slip), We'll always be tight" (tights), We're a perfect match (socks).
Spunky Alpha and numbers - Love this alpha set -- gotta have it! Reminds me of Tall Tales alpha, but smaller and w/ a bit of a curve.
Polka Dot Posies - Flowers, petals and leaves, some solid, some polka-dotted images. Really cute.
Shore Thing - Solid beach images. More cartoonish than last year's mini set.
Flip Flop wheel - solid image flip flops to match "Shore Thing" set CUTE!
Going my Way - sJumbo wheel. of a school of fish, also matches "Shore Thing"
Edgy Eloquence - Great word set with quotes from WC Fields, Abraham Lincoln, etc.
By Sea - Boats, submarine, life preserver, etc. including the word "Glub". Would be great for kids scrapbook pages and party invitations.
Clowning Around - clown stamps and a circus tent, solid image stamps.
Pattern of Friendship - Love this one with a sewing theme, includes "pattern" number and dress styles typical of sewing patterns. There is a row of dresses, and a saying.
Wish you were here - This is a nice set, not vintage, but the images are of older things like a camera and luggage, it is solid image travel set, really cool.
Nature Prints - Images look similar to rubbings, distressed slightly, fish, turtle, shell and leaf with an outline, very rustic outdoorsy looking

There is no mini catalog hostess set. That program has been discontinued, however, hostesses reaching $400 will receive an additional set of your choice beginning in July with the new catalog! Woo Hoo! I think this is a much better deal because you have a choice in the extra set you receive!

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