Saturday, August 09, 2008

I've been the anti-blogger

Ok, so I've been MIA lately! Things are starting to get hectic with the back to school rush to work in appointments, hair cuts, etc. This coming week will be especially busy, busy, busy!

So, what have I been up to? Really, not much interesting ... but I'll share anyway! I was working on some submissons for a magazine, but I think I will be able to share them here soon because so far I haven't heard anything and I believe the deadline for notification was Friday.

Summer always guarantees some wicked thunderstorms. We've had several severe storms here - one resulting in our fence being smashed by a tree, another storm closed our street for a day:

Joan and I caught a make 'n take at the lss that we didn't even know was going on this morning. Here is a photo of the cutest Pizza Cookie and box I've ever seen! What do you think, isn't it cool?

Today was our GIRLS DAY OUT - and although not real well attended, it was an awesome afternoon! What's better than 6 hours of uninterrupted crop time with your BFFs? Nothing, that's what! This was our last Saturday GDO - starting in September, we'll have to switch back to Friday nights because I'll be working on weekends again. Watch the right margin over there ---> for the Sept. date.

I should have taken photos of everyone, but I got into the zone with a project and just didn't think about it again - Sorry Steph, Bailey, Shannon and Charlene! I'll get you next month, ok? I might even sneak in one photo myself, lol. Here's Joan giving some special attention to her Cricut today. Her daughter will be teaching for the first time this year and she had plenty of letters, etc to cut for room decorations, signs and bulletin boards {Notice I'm not even mentioning the second Cricut in the photo over there ...}:

And here is the sweetheart who supports my addiction of crafting and is always kind enough to help me carry my {multiple & heavy} bags to the car on Girl's Day Out. When I got home tonight he was fixing our deck - isn't that awesome?

I'll place my first new catalog order on Tuesday - so if you need some new stamp lovin' call me and get your order in! AND - there are a ton of specials by SU! this month. Hop on over to my blog on Aug. 12 to read all about them {then call me}!

happy stampin'

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