Tuesday, October 23, 2007

seeing stars

stars by Pottery Barn

Ok, I went to the Pottery Barn online catalog today - btw, I LUV Pottery Barn stuff. There was a thread online about making stars, which is easy, and this item in PB. So, of course, I had to check it out for myself. WOW! PB is selling 3 paper stars for $24. Now, granted they are glittered and stitched, some are punched, so I know they are beautiful ... but it appears to be a challenge by Pottery Barn to all us papercrafters who know we can make stars too!

So, throwdown time! I'm making stars today, see what you think:

I made 5, 6 and 12 point stars out of SU! Wintergreen Designer Papers. Here are close up photos of each:
This 5 point star was the most difficult for me to fold. On the one above I cut the edges with scallop scissors. I really like that effect.

The 6 point above is easy, but I made a mistake and put adhesive in the wrong place ... see where I ripped it apart? Oops. It's not so obvious hanging up as it is in this photo.

The 12 point star is my favorite, I think. It is simply two 6 points put together. Hmmm .... looks like this one is just begging for a rhinestone in the center, don't you think so ? Guess I'll have to cut him {or her} loose and perform cosmetic surgery.

This last one is another 6 point star that I was just playing around with. I made it out of regular printer paper. I wanted to see how a hole punch would work. I think it turned out nicely. If I make another I am going to add glitter, but no stitching ... after all, I can't be just like the great designers at Pottery Barn!!

I estimate that a set of 4 six pointed stars cost me less than $1.00. They are 6 inches across and the perfect size to hang over the table from my dinning room light.

happy stampin'



Cheryl said...

Susan these are just wonderful. I'm still working on the holiday planner you put up earlier. Now you have another project ;-) Thanks so much for sharing.

Corie said...

OH my your star are absolutely gorgeous!!

Pegg S said...

Oh what pretty stars!! Your house is already so festive!

stampergirl said...

I'd be so grateful if someone could share the directions for these beautiful stars!!!