Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Beating a dead horse ... and a winner!

{scroll to the end of this post for the blog candy winner}
Ok, so maybe I am beating a dead horse with these banners ... whadyathink? My best bud brought them back today, so I hung them up and took a picture. I just didn't feel finished until I posted the final results here.

Thankful hangs on my hutch:

Noel hangs on my front door - with inadequate lighting for a picture, hence the flash glare ...

Joy stands on a table ... but Joy may hang later in the season.

Now for the winner of blog candy .....
The winner was randomly chosen from all entries. There were entries on the main post, and on the reminder post, so I included everyone!
Also, thank you all for the comments. It's so wonderful to read each one. I think the best thing about offering blog candy is that I discover so many new blogs to read! There were a lot of truly awesome blogs linked in those comments. You can browse through them too and click on the links. And, I think I am going to need to add a lot of those links to my site. Thanks again everyone for playing!!!
The winner is:
You can check out Cheryl's blog at Never Enough Stamps.
Cheryl, I need you to email me your address, ok? I'll get your goodies in the mail asap.
This concludes our broadcast. Banners are officially finished, never to return to blogdom again.
happy stampin'


Terria said...

They are beauty I like them a lot now that I see how the hang. I have never seen them before .

Nettystamps said...

congrats Cheryl :)

Cheryl said...

I am so happy to win this! Susan does such awesome work. Thank you, thank you!!!