Tuesday, October 16, 2007

a riddle for you

Today I have a riddle for you, but don't worry, it's an easy one -- especially if you have kids. Ready?

What's worse than a college student during midterm exams?

TWO college students with midterm exams!

That's right, both of our kids are dealing with midterms, and I'm feeling the stress too! Right down to the headaches, munchies, and sleepless nights. Yes, I realize it's their burden. And, really I'm not even helping them study ... but the air is thick with tension, and it has an effect on us all. But, I have to say, they are doing well and handling it as best they can. The best part is that midterms mean the semester is half over!! Yay. I can see the lights ahead. Christmas is just around the corner and we'll all be able to realax and enjoy the holidays.

Yesterday I spent the day, seriously - the whole day, cleaning up my bedroom/craft space. It looks SO much better. I'm not finished, but I put items back in their places and found new places for homeless items too. It makes me feel better and I think now I can start working on stamp club projects .... well, not today, because I have to work ... but soon ... 'cause we're stampin' Friday night!

happy stampin,

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Cheryl said...

You know Susan, if your room is clean why don't you come and help me clean mine LOL!!! Love your snowflake