Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots to share today

Oh, I have so much to share! I have photos from stamp camp, my brother's place, and a card share. I think I should pace myself and allow for more than one post this week. So ... what first?

How about the planner we made at stamp camp? That's a cool one. The planner is made from a double pocket file folder using Stampin' Up Designer paper and cardstock. We stamped a little bit, but mostly the planner is cutting and adhering papers, plus a bit of wide grosgrain ribbon.

This is the front:

Opened once:

Opened up all the way:

Cute huh? You can spiff it up anyway you like, we did the basics, but I'm sure there is much more bling and fluff that can be added.

We also made stars, which I have only gotten fuzzy photos of ... gotta work on that before I post them. And we made a candy treat tin. The tin makes a perfect add-on gift, or teacher gift. Someone also suggested putting a gift card under the candy to make it a complete gift in a tin. Great idea! Here is the tin:

and the contents:

I'd love to see any Christmas giftable ideas that you have. If you have posted pics of projects you're working on for the holidays, leave me a comment w/ the site. I'll hop over and check you out!

happy stampin'



Cheryl said...

Susan I love your planner and would love to have your directions please! I hope to post some Ornaments that I have made so far and I'll let you know when I do.

Sharon in NE said...

I love these! I have nothing to show (except envy for your work).

Corie said...

WOW I love everything!!