Monday, March 20, 2006

What a Crazy Day!

Today was a Crazy Day ... but in a good way! Here it is the first official day of spring and what happens ... it sleets! For over an hour the sleet fell hard! Saturday my 12 year old was wearing shorts and today (spring) it sleets! Crazy!

This morning I went to the local Sr. Center (where my good friend, and stampin' buddy works) and we made cards with the clients to celebrate Craft Month. I think they enjoyed it! I know I had a crazy great time! Those are the cards you see above. Very simple, but great for the seniors.

The best part of my day was going by the mall on my way home ... I bought my first pair of Crocs.
YEAH BABY! I am now the proud owner of a black pair of Crocs! I'm getting a pink pair too -- but pinks were out of stock today.

So, today was an Awesomely Crazy Day! I'm lovin' it!

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